About ME

I was born on a warm, sunny day on March 24,1946 in Atlanta, Ga. I lived in the Atlanta area until Oct. 1988 when I moved up to Delaware. I now reside back in Georgia.  I went to school at West Fulton High School. I have 2 wonderful children son 52 years old and daughter 49 years old. When I was born, my middle brother was 11 years old, so you can see I was the baby.  I also have 1 other brother but no sisters.

I was a railroad 🚅engineer for the L&N freight railroad and finally retired from Amtrak in New York.  I am now a full-time internet marketer, motivated by my love for learning and succeeding as I strive to become an outstanding and successful person in today’s society with the definitive goal of becoming a successful business person and owning a🚗Ferrari.  I have a BBA from Memphis University and several computer/internet certifications.  I love doing giveaways to help people get products they otherwise couldn’t afford.

My 3 major passions are 🎁giving away good 💰products, 🌏travel ⛳golf.⛳ I try to play golf every day the weather permits.

A five-year forecast of my life includes me having completed helping others obtain their goals through marketing on the internet.

I can be found on my blog: wetravelwithjeanmichaels.com, email: wetravelwithjeanmichaels@gmail.com Facebook (9795 likes, 8440 Followers), Twitter (10.7 Followers), Pinterest (780 Followers), Instagram (2288 Followers) , YouTube (1.3K Subscribers) to name a few. *Stats as of 04/20/2024.

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